Green Blood Revolution: Organic Green Gold Therapy!

Are you guys wondering what I am talking about? Yes you are reading it correct, it’s Green Blood Therapy from wonderful juice: #Wheatgrass, baby wheat, contains maximum chlorophyll which is similar to hemoglobin in our blood, that’s why it considers as a green blood. Another name famous for wheat grass is Green Gold!

Wheatgrass contains numerous essential nutrients which cures around 300-350 human body sufferings and gives remarkable results. CHLOROPHYLL contained in wheat grass, which I would like to refer to as “GREENGOLD” helps to increase the hemoglobin count in the blood and the circulation of pure blood results in healing process restoring good health.  The factor ‘Hemin’ found in the human blood is similar to the Chlorophyll. 

Wheatgrass is high in oxygen like all green plants that contains chlorophyll. The brain and body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly-oxy generated environment. Chlorophyll is antibacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healer. The high magnesium content in chlorophyll builds enzymes that restore the sex hormones. Liquid chlorophyll washes drug deposits from the body, neutralizes toxins in the body and helps purify the liver.

Green Gold Therapy means: Consume Wheatgrass Juice daily from Entice Naturals Wheatgrass Juice. As its helps in oxygen transports, any blood disorders, increases hemoglobin production, cures common cold & asthma, skin diseases (like acne, boils, minor burns), digestive disorders, general weakness, poor eye sight, balances fat in the body, balancing cholesterol, menstrual problems, high blood pressure, insomnia and many more to count .

Wonderful benefits of Wheatgrass Juice makes it a best seller healthy lifestyle juice for everyone in the family! Must have this Entice Naturals 98% pure wheatgrass daily as an important part of healthy lifestyle and feel the difference in yourself.