SKIN SPA! Healthy Beautiful Skin requires commitment not a Miracle!

Not only I but I’m sure everyone believes that if we focus on good skin care we don’t require any make-up. Honestly, we don’t have time to apply tons of make-up on our face and make it look artificial beautiful. Best is Invest in your Skin! As your skin only represent you for a very long time!

Don’t lose patience, don’t be lazy, small steps towards natural beauty and believe me you’re never too old to become younger!

Few Skin tricks, to create magic around you but as I said above invest in your skin-your time, effort and small planning-

  1. Magic#1 -Aging and Looking like your age change it completely as Aging is fact of life but looking your age is not!! Whether you are tired or not cleanse your face every day in the night & drink Entice Naturals Yashostar Juice. Specially manufactured for anti-ageing. No expensive cream can create wonder until you’re beautiful from inside.
  2. Magic#2- Glowing skin is a result of proper skin care. Best God’s gift water-for your skin drink lukewarm water 9-10 glasses every day. Healthy hydrated skin are key to ageless skin. Apply yoghurt + turmeric + gram flour + honey + lemon juice twice a week, this is only for external tan removal, cannot change your skin color at all. But for real internal glow drink Entice Naturals Pomegranate Juice. Specially manufactured for glowing skin with plenty of vitamin K as natural anti-ageing.
  3. Magic#3- Be good to your skin as you’ll wear it for rest of your life. Problems free skin are our dream but make it happen with 10 minutes of meditation in the morning or evening, apply milk powder with pinch of coffee and lemon juice only on weekends. Entice Naturals Neem Patra Juice for many skin problems like acne, pigmentation, marks, and redness. Get clean clear skin naturally.
  4. Magic#4- Good skin is the best foundation for your make-up. Do you know good shiny skin is very much related with your digestive system? Yes clean your system naturally & feel the glow. Entice Naturals Triphala Juice is best as natural cleaner for body and increases red blood cells formulation which makes your skin shiny naturally.
  5. Magic#5- Skin Spa at home once a week can really create wonders…How? There are no ugly women but yes lazy ones are there! Don’t mind it’s not for you! Start with semolina + yogurt, rub on skin for 10 minutes then take brown sugar (brown color sugar  ...lol) with lemon juice and rub for 5 minutes softly then solid milk + thick yogurt + protein powder and massage your skin for 10 minutes. Then time to take 5 minutes steam followed by cold towel pressing softly. Then cut one potato in slices and rub it gently on your face , eye areas also, finally time to relax with home-made easy pack- lemon juice + gram flour + milk + honey + pinch of turmeric + rice flour, sit back enjoy any music and close your eyes with cucumber slice on eyes. After washing face drink Green Tea and your Skin Spa done!

My life is not perfect but my skin care is! Pretty Face! Pretty Mind! Pretty Heart! Pretty Soul!


neha V.