Organic Healthy Living: Get more Sleep!

Sleeping is hard when your mind is full of thoughts!

We always talk more about daily routine, organic healthy food, healthy lifestyle and missed one important thing which is our sleep! Yes sleep is very important to live Organic Healthy Life! We should prioritize it for New You!

How sleep is important to become integral part of your healthy lifestyle regime?

Sleep is critical to every human function

  1. During complete sleep (rest) our body heals and repairs.
  2. Our brain synthesizes new information, organizes it into various memories.
  3. Let’s our body and brain get the rest it needs to have energy for our day to day.
  4. Sleep loss can cause serious lasting problems with how we think and function.
  5. Brain research shows a significant relationship between getting enough sleep and improved memory and thinking.
  6. Proper Sleep helps in solving our problems more effectively, bounce back from daily stress.
  7. Good enough sleep help our bodies stay healthy, potentially live longer.

Now question arises how to get such a good sleep so that we can lead a Good life? Stress, unnecessary tensions, work load, target dates and much more comes as Sleep Enemy in bundle of package.

As recommended 7-9 hours of sleep is must but we hardly get 4-5 hours of sleep or may be less in effective way, which is really bad in longer terms. We are young, energetic and with loads of work then we forget to realize it but later on we have to pay off this. Let’s start working on good enough sleep for our body.

  1. Turning off electronics- sounds next to impossible but try it gradually, it will work with strong will power.
  2. Lower all lights as we generally do or may be complete darkness, upto the individual the way the one feel sleepy.
  3. If possible, take a warm bath to relax your muscles and ease out their tension.
  4. Switch off your mind from daily tensions by engaging in some other activities which calm down your brain like talking to your kids, family, spouse, listen music(softer volume, soothing ones).
  5. Eat and drink as much required to your body, not too less and overeat.

What you should drink and eat for good sleep?

  1. For good sleep it is really important to relax muscle naturally, Potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants. You’ll get this from Banana!
  2. Other food from which you get serotonin (a relaxing neurotransmitter) and melatonin are almond, pineapples, cherries.
  3. Entice Naturals Noni Juice-regularly usage really helps in giving mind relaxation & perfect sleep naturally.
  4. Entice Naturals Triphala Juice- regularly usage two times a day, helps in promoting good healthy sleep in many ways.

Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love!


neha V.