Destress Yourself Daily!

Cultivate mindfulness & self-compassion by reducing stress daily, easier way to make your life happy & healthy, part of healthy lifestyle.

  1. Start your day peacefully with yourself only- Yes your body & mind requires some time very quietly and with oneself.
  2. Set Good Intentions- Establish good thoughts & intentions helps in generating positive energy for yourself and others. It helps in clearing your thought process for rest of the day.
  3. Eat Mindfully- As per one saying if you “Eat like crap, you feel like crap”! Notice and select your daily meals & snacks. Plan it in advance or choose right food as it comes. Never Overeat!
  4. Take few deep breaths- Manage feeling of stress or anxiety by taking deep breaths as much time as you can. It reduces and controls many things internally & externally.
  5. Stay hydrated- Drinking sufficient amount of water, organic juices, herbal teas, green coffee makes your mind active and perfect for your overall health.
  6. Proper stretching before and in mid of working hours- Long meetings, driving, makes you really tired, you can experience tensions or tightness in muscles, best is to stretch.
  7. Set your realistic and manageable plans for day- Over work, unrealistic targets and plans gives you stress unnecessary and makes you less productive. Be careful in your planning.
  8. Shift from work-mode to home-mode immediately- Transition back from work-mode to our home is really important to stay you healthy and stress free physically and emotionally. It changes your mind automatically and makes it relaxing.
  9. Before bed, Mediation- This is best way to calm down your entire body, circulate good blood circulation and for sound healthy sleep. It can be for not more than 10 minutes but make it a part of your lifestyle.
  10. Sleep before thinking what went right in entire day- Key rule for healthy lifestyle is thinking and taking only positive things from your life. Think that from entire day and sleep happily!

These are easy few tips which are generally part of our lifestyle but we missed out sometimes. You can add whatever you want, what really makes you destress.

Entice Naturals aims for healthy lifestyle and our team works on same day and night.


neha V.